The time has finally arrived, after waiting all winter its time to leave the cold for 3 weeks of warmer weather. My wife and I have been doing this for a number of years and find that its a great way to break up the ho drums of winter. Over the years we have traveled to many places outside of the United States but find that we still have a number of places we haven’t been to in the US. Finding warmer climates leaves us with one choice go south, so this year we are going to go back to sunny California. Last year we started a vacation there but had it cut short because of a family emergency, so this year we are going to do almost the same as we had planned. First we will fly to San Francisco spend a few days there then start to make our way south to San Diego, stopping at Napa Valley, Sonoma, and more all while driving the Highway 1. Spending a week in San Diego at the condo over looking Pacific Beach is extremely relaxing while taking in the Zoo, museums, and just driving.

We find California a great place to visit and enjoy it every time that we return. Here’s hopping for a trouble free, stress free, and relaxing vacation.

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