Simple home fixes

Everyone has  had a switch or faucet that needed to be repaired or replaced. Switches are very simple to replace with simple hand tools that everybody has in their home, a screwdriver and possibly a needle nose pliers. First make sure the power is turned off at the circuit breaker box, to say time use two people one at the box and  one in the room the switch is to be replaced, have them turn off the breaker for that part of the home and double check by turning the switch on and off. After you are sure the power is off the rest is simple, remove the cover plate and the screws holding the switch in place, there will be two or three wires depending on if its a single pole or a three way or if its a four way there will be four wires. Now all you have to do is make sure you have the correct switch that you are replacing and as you remove one wire from the old one replace in the same place on the new one, another easy way to do this is draw a diagram of the screws on the switch so it gives you more room to work with the old switch out of the way. When you have replaced the wires and mounted the switch back in the box and replaced the box cover its time to test it out. Turn on the circuit breaker and if done correctly you have a new working switch that will last for years to come. See its just that easy.

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