Lead Generation, Life Line to Sales

One thing that Realtors have to do one way or another is Lead Generate. For most Realtors they take time in the morning to do just that by calling on prospects they have found thru the media, lead generators, contacts, or a host of other means to bring phone numbers to call. This is one of the most important parts of Real estate with out this we have no listings and that makes it twice as hard to sell homes. They always say you have to list to sell, and there is some truth to that statement. In out market we have a shortage of homes to list and finding them is a challenge sometimes. If you have been in the business for a number of years or have been doing a extensive networking program this helps to find the leads to list. The bottom line is you have to work to get the listing and not expect them to always call you. Now repeat clients are a dream come true and I wish I could survive on them, but in order to grow we need to generate.

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