Getting your home ready for winter.

Its that time of the year and the snow fall won’t be far behind according to the calendar. Now it time to get your home ready for the cold winter, if you have a lawn sprinkler system that needs to be blown out to prevent freeze ups, and when you are doing that would be a great time to pick up the garden hoses and put them away for the season also. If the leaves have fallen and are picked up its also a good time to clean out the gutters so when we get those spring rains so they work properly and keep the water away from your home. With that done a visual inspection of the windows and caulk around them make sure there is a solid bead of caulk around the window and the seals are doing there job. If you have window wells now is the time to clean them out of all debris to prevent unwanted guests to make nests in them. Do your garage doors seal properly if the seal is wore out its a simple fix to replace and will keep your garage warmer and more comfortable for you this cold winter. Don’t for get to put all the lawn furniture away to prevent premature weathering from the winter weather. Simple things to do can save you money and keep your home looking like new.

Lets not forget the inside basics, first the furnace replace the filter which should be done every month , also its a good idea to have your furnace checked before the first cold spell to make sure its operating properly and safely.

Out home is usually our biggest investment and to preserve the value and beauty we just need to do a few simple things to ensure that.

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