Getting Ready for the Spring

Back from vacation and ready to go, well not quite. We had a great vacation to sunny California for 3 weeks starting at San Francisco and ending at San Diego the weather was ideal with rain only one day. Back at work now is the time to make sure I have all my tools in place for the year, what do I mean by that, well making sure I have made contact with my contacts, a plan in place to secure new listings, getting all the necessary paper work done for the business plan, and just implementing the basic real estate lead generating tools. We have made a few changes to our program, since I work by my self and not on a team, decisions are a little different we don’t have a huge budget like some of the teams do so we have to make the most of our dollar. With the weather in South Dakota starting to warm a little and spirits lifting from the winter blues it looks like it will be a good year to be in Real Estate. May all of you have a prosperous and rewarding year.

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