Fun Post About Christmas

With the Christmas season just about upon us I thought I would share a few of our traditions that we do. My immediate family lives in the same town as we do so this all makes things so much easier for all this to happen, last night was the Church Christmas program, which is always such a joy to see the grandkids perform to the best of their abilities, the house was packed and we all had a great time. One of the next things we do is get together with my brothers and their families and my Dad, this is the first year my Mother wasn’t there, she passed away last February. We still had a fun time visiting and watching the grandkids run, shared about Grandma, had a big meal, this was a good night. Coming up on Christmas eve my immediate family goes to Candle light service at Church then they all come to our home for food, opening presents, and to spend the night so they can open presents from Santa Claus in the morning. We have done this for about 12 years and our family has grown to 10 over this time, this is a time that the grandkids look forward to all year, and well so do I. Christmas day if the spouses don’t have their family gatherings then we all just hang out for the day and enjoy food, football, games, and whatever else we can come up with. Simple traditions that carry memories for a lifetime. Merry Christmas

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